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the voice seat spotlight slot fun game royals lights

January 4th is an important date in the calendar year, firstly it is the first episode of the hugely successful reality television singing show, The Voice™ UK, secondly it is our CEO’s birthday, but enough about him. In conjunction with Buzz Bingo, Talpa and ITV, Mutuel Play has developed a 5×3 branded slot game with multiple bonus features, utilising The Voice™ UK brand.

The game has several features including ‘I Want You’ Free Spins, ‘Turn the Chairs’ bonus round and ‘In the Spotlight’ in-game feature. Players can win up to 16 Free Spins for matching the ‘I Want You’ badge symbol. The players are able to see which Coach’s will turn around for them in the ‘Turn the Chair’ bonus round and additionally, in certain spins the ‘In the Spotlight ‘ feature may occur where symbols are cleared after wins are calculated to potentially create further wins.

Our birthday boy and CEO, Rhys Owen had this to say about the game launch, “we are extremely honoured to have been given the trust and responsibility to develop an exclusive slot for Buzz Bingo using such a prestigious brand that resonates perfectly with their style of audience. The game looks extremely well designed and has some really exciting features to keep the players engaged. I have a strong feeling it will work perfectly with the Buzz Bingo players.”

If you have a brand and are interested in developing an exclusive slot game, get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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