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packing box - darts board

The start of March marked an important milestone for Mutuel Play, not only was it our 4 1/2 month birthday but we wanted to recognised how far we had come in such a short space of time. Games are progressing well as well as other projects we’ll be sharing throughout the year.

It was time for the employees to let their hair down and enjoy a night of pizza, beers and darts. Krishna once again proved that tactics is everything when it comes to darts and managed to win quite a few games over the night. We also welcomed some old colleagues from Geco Gaming over to say goodbye to the office as it is due for demolition.

There is still a long way to go but it is always important to put a flag in the ground, recognition your achievements to date and look forward to the future both short, medium and long term.

Well done to everyone in the Mutuel Play team and our contractors who support us.

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london ice 2017 phil taylor

They also stole the show by inviting visitors to watch a British versus Dutch Darts battle to show off their new super hero based darts themed slot. The Mutuel team queued afterwards for their very own signed dart board from one of the top players of our generation. Rhys was seen waiting for over an hour so he could get a picture with Phil Taylor and Raymond Van Barneveld.

It was great to see new an exciting content from both NetEnt with their VR Live Roulette product and IGT’s skill based racing games. The future it would seem lies with more a more immersive and engaging gaming experience where players can not only get a better look and feel at the game but also influence the outcome.

Rhys Owen had this to say about the conference, “this was my 10th year at ICE, and although a lot doesn’t change year on year, it did feel like a lot had moved on. Somethings will never change like slots will always be the Cash Cow of the casino industry but there is a growing presence of companies looking more at BI and AI. I think it bodes well for the consumer as the race will be to find ways of continually tailoring the products to meet individual needs rather than the needs of the masses or the segment. I hope that next year Mutuel Play will have a bigger footprint at and eventually within the next 3-5 years perhaps have a small stand of our own.”

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Mutuel Play employees let their hair down a bit to attend the EAG conference at ExCel, London on the 18th January 2017. The trip had two primary goals, firstly to give everyone the chance to see the latest retail pub fruity, AWP and SWP games and secondly, to sample the latest arcade games.

Mutuel Play is in the midst of developing some new online games with a view to converting those games for retail and it was a worthwhile exercise reviewing the latest content from the likes of Projectcoin, Blue Print, Reflex Gaming, Electrocoin, Astra, EntNet and many more. Rhys Owen, Director had this to say about the games on offer, “I’m a big fan of old skool pub fruity’s having played them a lot when I was younger. Things tend to move a bit slower in this area compared to video slots but I suspect there’s a lot of innovation happening in the back end. I was particular impressed with Ace Technology’s three C category games linked via a B3 feature reel on top. It is great to see disruptors thinking of ways to enhance the gaming experience for players whilst giving licensees more £500 jackpot machines.”

The team also participating in the Sega Olympics where they pitted themselves against one another in ‘Archery’ and ‘Sprinting’. Rhys took victory in both events before crashing out early in the Daytona race by accidentally going into the pits.

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