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Mutuel Play has successfully launched its 18 th UK exclusive slot game to Buzz Group Limited.
Having initially delivered slot games via partner platforms like Geco Gaming and Leander, in 2019
Mutuel Play made the move to develop slots onto its own proprietary Remote Gaming Server, of
which there are now 10 titles, as well as several proprietary slot games.

The partnership has grown in strength over the years and the games have proven to be successful
with the Buzz Bingo audience. Currently, The Voice UK Slot is the top performer of the lot, receiving
lots of marketing support whilst the show airs on ITV.

Buzz have now reached the point of having a large portfolio of exclusive games and has branded the
games as ‘Originals’.

Mutuel Play has also integrated the RGS with the Playtech Open Platform Marketplace solution
which now allows Buzz to credit ‘Free Spins’ to players accounts that can be used on the suite of
Mutuel Play titles. We have several further titles launching in 2021 and have some other unique
ideas in the pipeline for 2022.

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Mutuel Play has been working on a whole new way for players to play games and has
released the first of several new products that enable players to bet along with a video Streamer.
The first of these solutions is called, ‘Spin Along’, and does exactly what it says on the tin, players can
literally ‘Spin’ along with their favourite Streamers, or even someone an operator has got in to run a
new game launch campaign like a celebrity.

Once integrated to an operators back end solution Mutuel Play is able to take a Streamers data feed
and create a betting facility for other players who are watching to be part of the same game play
experience. This means that when the Streamer wins, so do all the players who have spun along. The
product is game agnostic so is capable of being played alongside any third party game on an
operators website.

Mutuel Play have long been fans of the Twitch Casino Streamer community, watching some of the
big name Streamers like CasinoDaddy and Letsgiveitaspin from CasinoGrounds. Initially this was for
market research purposes, but then it dawned on us that the entertainment experience could be
greatly enhanced if the viewers could experience the same win experiences as the Streamer.
Spin Along has been in development for just under a year and Mutuel Play believes it will prove
hugely popular with Streamers, Operators, Suppliers and Players.
If you are an Operator interested in more information, please get in contact with Mutuel Play via the
contact page about how Spin Along can help you with your acquisition and retention activities.”

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the voice seat spotlight slot fun game royals lights

January 4th is an important date in the calendar year, firstly it is the first episode of the hugely successful reality television singing show, The Voice™ UK, secondly it is our CEO’s birthday, but enough about him. In conjunction with Buzz Bingo, Talpa and ITV, Mutuel Play has developed a 5×3 branded slot game with multiple bonus features, utilising The Voice™ UK brand.

The game has several features including ‘I Want You’ Free Spins, ‘Turn the Chairs’ bonus round and ‘In the Spotlight’ in-game feature. Players can win up to 16 Free Spins for matching the ‘I Want You’ badge symbol. The players are able to see which Coach’s will turn around for them in the ‘Turn the Chair’ bonus round and additionally, in certain spins the ‘In the Spotlight ‘ feature may occur where symbols are cleared after wins are calculated to potentially create further wins.

Our birthday boy and CEO, Rhys Owen had this to say about the game launch, “we are extremely honoured to have been given the trust and responsibility to develop an exclusive slot for Buzz Bingo using such a prestigious brand that resonates perfectly with their style of audience. The game looks extremely well designed and has some really exciting features to keep the players engaged. I have a strong feeling it will work perfectly with the Buzz Bingo players.”

If you have a brand and are interested in developing an exclusive slot game, get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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Mutuel Play has been awarded a Core Service Provider Associate Certificate from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. This will allow Mutuel Play to provide gaming content and services to all AGCC licensed operators.

Rhys Owen, CEO and Founder of Mutuel Play, had this to say, “We’re delighted to have added the CSAC License in addition to our UKGC Remote Gambling licenses that we received in December 2017. We are already working closely with a number of AGCC licensed operators like Jumpman Gaming and Gaming Realms and this allows us to approach and hopefully distribute all manner of games content to further AGCC licensed operators.

Both our partner platforms, GECO Gaming and Leander Games are licensed and hosted from Alderney/Guernsey so the CSAC license was key to distributing games via their platforms. In addition, with our own RGS to supply Multiplayer Bingo, Keno and Lotto games we can now distribute from our AWS Cloud Hosting solution from the UK to all AGCC licensed operators.”

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locked room team speedy
It’s exhibition season again and the year kicked off this week with the EAG conference in ExCel. The exhibition is slightly less focused on e-Gaming and more on retail but it is a great place to visit providers who focus on the AGC and Bingo retail clubs across the UK.
Mutuel also took the opportunity to have a mini team building event at ExCel with the new ‘Locked in a Room’ game. The team managed to get out of the room with 24 minutes to spare. Next time they will be booked onto the more difficult room. The lady who was working there said that the time achieved was the best they had seen so far this year….
team plan

Team plan

Game testing

Game testing

Fruit slot game test

Game testing

Atari Pong Game

Atari Pong Game

Slot games testing

Slot games testing

Games testing day

Research day out with the team at EAG

locked room team speedy

Mutuel Play team escaped the room in 23:31. A year record!

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uk gambling commission
Christmas has well and truly come early for Mutuel Play Ltd as we received confirmation from the UK Gambling Commission that we had passed the necessary due diligence to be awarded with our first set of licenses including a Personal Management Licence for Rhys Owen, a Remote Gambling Software licence and a Remote Bingo Host licence.
Rhys Owen, CEO and Founder of Mutuel Play Ltd had this to say, “It feels like an age since we put all of our application documentation together but looking back there was a lot of hard work that went into it from everyone in the business. This is a great way to end the year, it certainly feels like everything is started to come together in terms of the products, commercial deals and now our licence. It’s a great platform to drive us through 2018 and it’s nice to feel like the hard work is paying off. Onwards and upwards.”
With the UKGC licenses in place this now means Mutuel Play are now able to provide content to any UKGC licensed operator. If you are looking to add great games to your offering, get in touch, email us at [email protected]
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office computer developer
After the Labour party decided to sell their property to the local council Mutuel Play needed to find a new home. After about 20 viewings we found a flexible and relatively cheap office split over two rooms above a shop selling clothes for the larger man.

We now reside at 7 York Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 7XH and whilst we might have lost room for our dart board we still have some space for a small seating area so happy to accommodate any visitor who might want to pop by and say hello.

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Today Rhys Owen has founded a new business, Mutuel Play Ltd, with a view to bringing to life his New Product Ideas and getting them out to market. Rhys has a wealth of experience in the gaming sector and feels now is the right time to start up something on his own.

Rhys Owen had this to say about the new company, “It has always been my dream to start up a new company, I’ve tried a few in the past that didn’t really go anywhere but this time feels like everything is lining up perfectly. I have already managed to get a deal to produce a suite of bespoke titles and work on a new interface. Having just left GECO Gaming after Playtech merged the office we had with their other London business units I decided it was time to move on rather than take up another permanent role. I have lucked out as a few former colleagues were also on the hunt for a new job and they have just the right skillsets that I need to deliver the initial set of projects.

I am dead excited about the prospects of the business and where it can eventually go. I want to be a disruptor and launch all sorts of new and exciting games whilst also bringing about new features to existing games. The hard work starts here!”

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